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Our perception of Liverpool's team under Jürgen Norbert Klopp is that they often triumphantly against big teams (yes, I know they've just lost 5-0 to Manchester City) but often have to deal with small teams.
2016/2017 season for example, Liverpool won five wins, five draws, and without a single lose when facing the top six teams (Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester City, Arsenal, and Manchester United) in the Premier League. If there is a special standings of six big teams, then Liverpool will be the champion.
However, if we have long been football fans, we must know there are more small teams than big teams. In line with the opening sentence in this paper, what is wrong with Liverpool? To be honest, football watchers, including me, are very happy to see how very energetic Liverpool play. If you're the one who's looking at a long-term future, then you already know what Liverpool's problem is with the above paragraph: they're just too energetic.
Liverpool master transition
With his gegenpressing, Klopp greatly exalts the transition. Transition is a situation where chaos is present. In chaos, teams can pick up opportunities by exploiting opponent's mistakes. Often before the opponent's transition is over (defending to attack, after they seize the ball and intend to attack), Liverpool are already pressuring them and even creating chances.
It's like counter to a counter attack, Klopp will be very happy to win the ball as soon as the ball is lost from their control. When defended, Liverpool's high defense line will solidify the midfield, which allows players to "hunt" the ball together. This makes the opponent almost impossible to penetrate Liverpool from the middle.
"The best moment to win the ball is as soon as possible after the squad loses [control]," Klopp said. "Opponents are still looking for an orientation to where they will pass. It makes them very vulnerable [to be captured]."

"There is no playmaker in this world that can be as good as a good counter-pressing situation," he continued. He proved it far while still gush Borussia Dortmund. Several times we can see Dortmund (2008-2015) and Liverpool (2015-present) recorded a one on one chance with goalkeepers in this situation.
Last season Liverpool managed to record 43 big chance in the Premier League. While until the fourth game week of this season, they have recorded 7 big chance, or second most under Man United with 8.

Gegenpressing is too tiring in the long run
The main concept in doing the pressing is the team must be solid or compact. Because if the teams are not compact, they themselves will get into chaos. If only the attacker presses, then there will be an open space between the attack line and the midfield. If only the attacker and midfielder are pressing, then there will be an empty space between the midfield and the back line.
If there is an empty space when the squad presses, then the opponent will be easy to release the breakthrough pass into that empty space. While the worst thing happens if the whole line presses compactly, then the opponent will return the ball backwards or play a long pass. There is a plus point for the goalkeeper who has a sweeper-keeper type.
Klopp gegenpressing goal is to increase the speed of the game as quickly as possible by pressing vertically (pressing the ball towards the front) instead of lateral (pressing the ball towards the side). Not surprisingly, Liverpool are full of transitional players like Emre Can, Jordan Henderson, Adam Lallana, James Milner, Georginio Wijnaldum, until Naby Keïta (the Liverpool player candidate) are fast, have good endurance, and are diligent up and down.
In games like FIFA, gamers will usually enjoy pressing the R1 button (run) continuously without pause if wearing Liverpool, both when attacking and defending.
Imagine how the game gegenpressing Liverpool as above, should have been able to show us if it is very, very tiring. No player can keep running for 90 minutes. If anything, no player can do it twice a week for nine months (one season). This is football that exalts full control, but this is too crazy. Klopp is crazy!
There are many ways, tactics, and strategies to become champions. Can with ultra attack, catenaccio, tiki taka, parking bus, and so forth. Each of these ways has its own consequences. In this case, Klopp's gegenpressing in the short term is a very pleasing, adrenaline-filled way. But in the long run, gegenpressing is a very tired way. That's one reason why Liverpool will be difficult champions. This causes a domino effect for the next two causes.
Defense is the cause of Liverpool's inconsistency
Compared to the three big teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich, the approach to the Liverpool game is very different from them. They can dominate the game with possession, the passing, and they do it "while resting", it can be as long as 90 minutes. But Liverpool are not like that.
The bad thing about playing Liverpool is the creation of an inconsistent pattern. Do not be surprised if Liverpool can win 4-0 to then lose 5-0 in the next game. Do not be surprised also if Liverpool can be very good views, managed to score a goal, but then they disrupt these advantages. We can take the example in the opening match of the 2017/2018 Premier League against Watford. Liverpool had missed 1-0 and then also 2-1. But they can then lead 3-2. But the game was not finished yet, there was another half hour, and Watford finally equalized to 3-3 through a corner kick in injury time.
After Liverpool were held to a 2-2 draw at Sevilla early today, after Liverpool went 0-1 but then went 2-1 up, Klopp spoke up: "I know you guys are always discussing this. Defense is something that is always talked about: 'We do not buy this [player] or [the player] that'. "
"If these problems can be solved with just one player, you can imagine we would have spent our money on it and said: 'Come on'. It's a matter of dominating and losing control of the game because you're not in the defensive moment. "
So, we can not say if Liverpool buy Virgil van Dijk or anyone else, then the problem on this defense will be over.
"There is room for improvement. We need to learn to be dominant and not to give easy goals [for the opponent]. It was a disappointment, frustration, but it was perfectly normal. We are responsible for every good part and bad part of the game, so you should feel disappointed after a game like this. "
"It's not a general defense problem but we have to make a 100 percent increase," he ventured. "[The first goal] is certainly due to concentration."
A common opinion is if the Liverpool attack is like a new Ferrari, but the Liverpool defense is like an old car. Klopp was aware, this problem can not be solved just by replacing the old car "engine" into a Ferrari car engine as well.
In depth, the cause of Liverpool's bad defense is due to the way Liverpool play is too draining physically and mentally, so there are mistakes that cause them to concede, especially at the end of the game. The error does not have to happen much, can aja only once or twice every game, but the error is very harmful.
Not to mention if against small teams that stay with the inside, they also like an extra drunk if given the long balls and set piece towards the end of the game. Approximately like this if Liverpool face a team with a defense in:
The video above actually does not show frustration, but more to the pleasure. It was great watching an energetic squad like Liverpool, who kept pressing and finding a way to score (in the end Liverpool won 5-1 in the game above). But what we might not know is that they are so tired of playing like that.
With formulas like this, frankly they will not be able to win consistently, if no luck factor is involved. Imagine in the Champions League knock-out phase, the first thing to be a "legitimate requirement" to beat big teams is: have a good defense. Please ask Juventus and Atlético Madrid.
The teams that try to play open against Real, Barcelona, ​​and Bayern, often will lose. We can also ask this to Juventus in the Champions League first week match yesterday.
Liverpool difficult to maintain excellence
Liverpool this season play in the Premier League, Champions League, League Cup, and FA Cup. They need physical and mental freshness to go through all four. Do not be surprised if the more pragmatic, more enduring, or more tedious teams will survive until the end of the season, and up to the next seasons.
All successful managers can adapt. It's not about cornering Klopp through this paper, but Klopp himself once pointed out that he could be a bit off his idealism.
In 2010/2011, when Dortmund won the German Bundesliga, as well as in 2012/2013 when Dortmund reached the final of the Champions League, Klopp could tune his squad for a more possession-oriented while resting from gegenpressing. The accuracy of Dortmund operands had risen from 75.1% to 80.9%. They become more indirect and more focused on ball control.
Simply put, Klopp can change, so we may be able to find Liverpool in the end can be a champion. But, the Premier League is not like the Bundesliga, because the Premier League is heavier and more competitive (affecting mentally). That's the reason why many of his English teams are drained of too much energy in the Premier League and are sluggish in Europe. Moreover, Liverpool is very demanding about energy.
Being a champion with Klopp will also be very, very difficult when there are still "small teams" who become Liverpool's opponents every week. But the real problem is not against small teams that stick with the inside, but because they are difficult to maintain excellence.
There was one note that did not wear for the Reds last season: they love to mess up their lead even against the top six teams, as when they had a 1-0 lead over Spurs, Man City and Man United, but in the end they were drawing, when being held to a Sevilla draw early this morning where Liverpool had missed 0-1, but then can lead 2-1, but then pursued to 2-2.
The game against Sevilla shows us if it does not matter if Liverpool miss. The problem is precisely when Liverpool is ahead. Last season also Liverpool lost 18 points (equivalent of six wins) when they were ahead. This entry puts them in the fifth rank of "disrupting excellence". Average advantage can be obtained when against small teams, right?
At a time when many teams are actually left behind when, behind Liverpool, often even hassles when they excel. Though maintaining excellence is something that is important in football. It's not just about winning, because Liverpool often wins; but the question of whether or not the champion (the result of a consistent win).
The poor Liverpool defense made them inconsistent. Then with Klopp's stamina-depressing style of pressure, this always keeps Liverpool out of energy: (1) near the end of the game in the short term, and (2) towards the end of the season in the long run.
No wonder Klopp's gegenpressing game keeps Liverpool out of fuel late in the game and (later) towards the end of the season.


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